Saturday, July 26

Turning 29 and a happy announcement

I usually get rather pensive instead of party mood whenever my birthday rolls by. This year will be my last year of being a twenty-something and I'll say, I'm pretty excited about my thirties.

It has been a great journey so far, especially the last few years. Of course, along the way, I've accumulated a great deal of debt to a list of people who have stuck by my side and listen to me moan and gripe about First World issues.

KW for putting up with my grumpy-mous nonsense, I-know-best maternal instincts and "Momzilla" outbursts.

My parents for being ever supportive and non-judgemental, especially when it comes to a topic they probably know better than me - parenting.

My sister and newish brother-in-law for their time and energy when it comes to Russell, despite their long working hours and newly-married commitments.

My close but tight group of friends - Diana, Zee and Zhu - for providing that sounding board that I need so very often and for thinking the world of me when I need it most.

My little Man for your absurd levels of energy and couldn't-be-cuter antics. Life would be dreadfully quiet and boring without you around. It would be interesting to see how you will be like as an elder brother.

Yup, we are expecting #2!

Even though Russell isn't the easiest kid, I was pretty adamant about having #2 as soon as Russell turned 20 months. With one child, I have always felt like our family was in transition. You know, somewhere in between...  as if we are expecting someone to knock on our door. How very abstract, I know.

There was never a doubt that I wanted two children. As the middle child, I have two sisters and KW has an elder brother; although my sisters and I fought like cats and dogs when we were kids, we are a lot closer now and I really want Russell to experience the joy of having at least one sibling.

So thanks for staying on the ride, there will be even more craziness with two little ones around and I am pretty sure there will be more than enough stories to fill up this space.


Yuu said...

Congrats YX, KW & R :) Thanks for sharing such a happy news:)
Warmest regards, Yuu :)

Michelle said...

awww congrats to you and your fams on the good news! and happy birthday too! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Happy for you.

Nadya Wang said...

Congratulations, Yixiao! What marvellous news. Love reading your blog, by the way. x

yixiao said...

Thank you everyone for your well wishes =)

Bern said...

oh wow, congrats babe!

yixiao said...

Thank you, Bern!