Monday, July 28

The weekend I celebrated my birthday

I think this is the first time in a long while that I properly "celebrated" my birthday and I got to say it was really fun. Usually I would just catch up for meals with my friends and this year, I was planning to do just that but I guess things just serendipitously fell into place. 

The colleagues celebrated my birthday at Shirokiya at CHIJMES and I had a yummy Toro Salmon Don with freshly grated wasabi

I am not sure if you can tell but I was caught a 110% surprised by the chocolate cake

And the surprise soon turned into felicity

Er, hello boss?

My birthday kicked off proper as we played tourists at the River Safari

Russell got to hang out with his bro'

Awesome health-ish and delicious lunch at Kilo ensued

The Munckin surprised us by how much he ate

Big Brother, Jan 2015

Had a lovely time with my family at Ballet Under the Stars

We were clearly more excited about the picnic, especially since my mum got childhood favourite from Dino Cake House - fried rice, fried bee hoon and chicken pie. 

My elder sister brought Chinese desserts such as cheng teng and fu chok, while my sister relieved the heat with cold pressed juices. And I made Korean baked wings. 

Really means alot to me to spend this special day with people I love =)

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