Wednesday, July 30

Seconds at Kilo & Pact, Orchard Central

I really like the food at Kilo but I can't put my finger on it. It is neither Japanese nor Western (fusion?); some of the dishes appear deceptively simple in a I-could-make-this-at-home kinda way; and other plates are made up of a hodgepodge of ingredients that would sound weird on paper. 

Take this pork belly rice bowl for instead. It is made up of pork belly (that could have been more tender), shimeji mushrooms, avocado slices, sweet corn, snap peas and radish, bean sprouts, wasabi sprouts and tomatoes, piled atop niigata rice. Not the yummiest description I am sure but the flavours and textures were incredibly moreish. 

The salmon quinoa donburi was by and large similar, but instead of pork belly and rice, we had a modest slice of salmon and healthy-than-thou quinoa. 

The toss-up was mighty delicious too and I am already thinking about how I can replicate this at home.

The portions aren't big and we ordered an additional main - Salt &Pepper Short Ribs - as our Munckin surprised us by eating more than his usual self. Superbly tender grilled beef short ribs, hearty tomato omelette, fresh greens and potato crisps. I definitely heart the other two above more but this is a suitable fix for those in need of protein.

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