Friday, May 9

The weekend this little piggy came home

Every time we have people come over for lunch, I get so happy planning for it and when the meal is done, I flop into a we-need-more-friends slump. But the introvert in me will never get around to doing so - luckily we have tight groups of really good and old friends. 

I didn't take a picture of the quinoa salad but it was almost the same as what I did the last time round - except I added roasted grapes and broccoli. The grapes were just something we had lying around and I hate wasting food so a "why not?" came to my mind and they landed up within the mix. Highly recommended.

Half an hour before our guests arrived, I suddenly panicked about not having enough food. Luckily, we had just done a round of grocery shopping so I steamed some French beans (note to self: 4 magical minutes) and drizzled some Japanese coma dressing all over it. Loved how simple and clean-tasting this was. 

A smoked salmon, peas and farfalle dish with mustard vinaigrette filled in the gaps where carbs belonged. Super yummy. I will go out on a limb and say, the only pastas are like are the ones I prepare as they aren't overdone or covered in ridiculous amounts of sauce. 

KW made a hunk of grilled pork belly. Just. Look. At. That!

It was awesome - though I might be totally biased towards what the Mister makes. So glad I married a grill geek. 

For desserts, my love for coffee desserts lead to these coconut and coffee mini cakes. They were paired with Haagen Daaz ice cream, thanks to an ongoing offer at the supermarket. Yes, I am being a total auntie here. Oh, the new flavour, caramel cone explosion, was ok in a same-same-but-different way. Good thing we still have - my favourite - macadamia nut brittle, which will likely be demolished during Mother's Day.

To good food and even better friends.

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red fir said...

Gosh try the HD cappuccino truffle if you like coffee desserts. It's crazily guud.