Wednesday, May 7

9 stages of happiness at California Pizza Kitchen

And now for my next act, I am going to 
pretend to be the ultimate dream toddler. 

The one who quietly colours the kiddie menu with the crayons given, 
while mama and papa share intellectual thoughts about grilling pork belly and Vikings.

Yeech, what's that green nasty thing I have to eat? I wanna spare you the details but it does look like something I would find in my diapers after a busy morning. Oops sorry.

MMM, this green thing is good... No double dipping? 
Fine, double chip-ping then.

Another one before mama finds out I am hooked on this thing.

 Look at me, swift like the Dark Knight. Papa would be proud.

 Dang, the plate is too far away from my tteokbokki arms. 
*Starts panicking plotting*


Gotta protect my Sunday Best, yo. I am halfway through my meal before mummy discovers my bib is missing. Story of her life.

Yessss finally, allll mine! My precious...

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