Sunday, May 11

Happy Mothers' Day!

I truly envy women who take to motherhood like a fish to water. Me? I felt like a piece of raw fish throw into pan of scalding oil, complete with sputter, sizzle and burnt scars.

To me, the idea of motherhood is akin to networking and making small talk. I am not comfortable with it at all but I would give it a shot if it is forced upon me. I am not a natural but I know with practice, I can overcome my phobia.

The sweetest of surprises arranged by the childcare 

Nearly two years into this thing called motherhood, I am glad the highest of highs overshadow the lowest of lows. 

Split (I refuse to call it "Solero") ice cream love

Of course, there will always be good and bad days but I know with these two around, I would not want to be anywhere else. 

Hello, 宝贝!

KW + XX, thank you for showing me I have alot to be grateful for!

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