Wednesday, May 14

Marche, Vivocity

I never got the rosti at Marche. I never got why people waste stomach space for ridiculous amounts of grated potatoes, washed down with an insipid dollop of sour cream. 

Well, at least this eased the queues at other food stations. 

This savoury crepe stuffed with smoked salmon, red cabbage and mushrooms (a top-up) was a unctuous mashup of flavours and textures. Love love love the heady savouriness that seemed hellbent on sending you back to bed after you ingest all of it. 

Craving for meat, I walked right up to the rotisserie and was absolutely delighted to see them offer half a pork knuckle. It was a good mix of crackling skin, pork and lean meat, given the amount of meat the both of us had to shoulder. 

Marche might be a throwback to my secondary school days but it is more than just kitsch and frankly quite good.


Bern said...

ooh ooh i remember the marche at heeren! we frequently held post-orientation jc gatherings there!

Mrs U77uberhottie said...

Omg marche@heeren I can remember that was my 1st experience dining at that restaurant let alone marche and my dish was this sambal stingray it was spicy enough to put shame on all other spicy foods as far as sambal is considered including presently trends ! Too bad its gone now :(