Friday, May 16

The weekend we celebrated Mother's Day

KW and I hosted a Mothers' Day lunch for both our mothers on one supremely hot Sunday afternoon. Yes, I still can't get over how hot it was. Anyhoo, we even picked up some flowers at the nursery the day before, completing forgetting that Mother's Day spells huge business for florists.

The flowers are beautiful aren't they? 

I chose them, queued up and paid for them. That was the easy part.

KW drove me to the nursery (while the Munckin fully cooperated by falling asleep in the car), eased into the heavy traffic, found a parking lot, waited for me, snipped those tough twigs off when the garden pliers proved too hard for me and arranged two out of the three bundles. Happy Mother's Day to me, indeed.

I just love the beautiful rustiness of these bouquets!

To prepare ourselves for the onslaught of carbs, we kept things light with a vegetable dip platter and garlic hummus as well as oven fried drumplets. The oven-fried drumlets were a doozer. Edible but I would not try them again. It was a pity, considering how good they smelt while baking in the oven. 

Clams with bagna cauda

But I guess that was ok since the pizzas were the star! 

First up, clams with bagna cauda sauce. This was incredible! I regret not taking a proper shot of this pizza  - the only up-close-and-personal shot was fuzzy was I was too excited to tuck in. And I say again, incredible!

Hungarian salami with almond pesto

The Hungarian salami with almond pesto was awesome too - and I am not saying if because I made the almond pesto. But guys, trust me, tomato-base is so 1990s... 

Balsamic mushrooms and Parmesan

I didn't think I would enjoy the balsamic mushrooms and Parmesan slice as much but wow, it was mind-blowingly good too. 


The Margherita pizza was yummy too but definitely overshadowed and outshined by the others. 

The mothers get to relax, thanks to this guy. 

For dessert, I made roasted plum mini cakes and we banged out the ice cream for quick relief.

The biggest compliment came from my dad, who is usually not even a fan of deserts. "My kind of cake.. a little sourish and a little sweet," he commented. 

And of course, this blog post wouldn't be complete without the little dude who made me a mum. 

Got to start planning for Father's Day... Woot!


Anonymous said...

I love the mugs used to house the flowers. May I know where you got them from?

yixiao said...

They were leftover door gifts from an army graduation parade... Haha

Bern said...

wow, the pizzas look really pro! it's amazing u got that from a griller!