Wednesday, April 23

Seconds at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse, Mohamed Sultan Road

On Good Friday, we took KW's parents to lunch at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse to mark their return from a 3-week holiday where they visited the newest member of our family - their granddaughter (Hi Yinzi!). 

Feverishly tuning into season 4 of Game of Thrones only served to heighten my senses of anything stag-like and bloody-meat-related. The antler ceiling lights would not look out of place at the House of Baratheon. 

The once-glorious foccacia bread that I raved about last visit tasted blah and stale. Like the fallen Stark family, it was a shade of its former self. The only consolation was I only had a wedge, leaving more stomach room for the beast that we were about to meet in a while 

With two meats to get through, we kept starters light - well, light being a subjective word - with a hunk of fresh burrata, lightly drizzled with balsamic glaze and olive oil. 

The mesclun salad was crisp and pleasant but let's not play games - I am not here for greens; I am here for the animal that eats the greens. 

Lombata (500g striploin on the bone MBS 6+)

You could not wipe that smile off my face when the meats were presented in front of us. From bœuf to bone, I relished every single bite, thanking my lucky stars that the blood type diet recommends Type Os to consume more beef (not that I subscribe to that diet plan, I just pick the stuff I wanna hear).

Costata Wagyu F1 bone-in rib eye, MBS 6+ Single cut, 1.1kg,serves 2

The Costata, in particular, was amazing! If you are thinking of renouncing meat from your lfe, you need to have the Costata before converting to get meat out of your system; then again, you might not turn to the other (green) side after trying this.

Like the Red Wedding, this tomato side dish starts off sweet and almost immediately takes a sour turn. But as a side dish, it was a good plate cleanser from all the meat we had to ingest (not complaining). 

I loved the un-creamy creamed spinach just as much as the last time round and the balsamic-glazed mixed mushrooms was more than delightful too. 

The dessert menu is pretty limited so we ordered the Torta Al Cioccolato and Tiramisu again. 

On hindsight, there was nothing wrong with the "chocolate tart," except it wasn't exactly a chocolate tart. To whoever translated the menu, "torta" ought to be a cake, and not a tart. It was nonetheless very yummy and the chocolate mousse was admirably smooth; however, if you are a big tart person (like yours truly), you will be morbidly disappointed. 

And of course, I still love their creamy, not-too-alcoholic tiramisu! That is one dessert I should try making soon.

If I had to choose to make a third trip to either Bistecca or Bar-Roque Grill, I would choose the latter. Though both places offer well-prepared food, the offering at Bar-Roque has more of an X factor. But I really need to make a trip back to Le Bistrot Du Sommelier before I pledge eternal loyalty to the true House of Bœuf.


Bern said...

hahahaaa, loved the GOT references!

btw, have u seen the purple wedding? possibly even more shocking than the red one, but for sure, infinitely more gratifying!

yixiao said...

Yes, but I didn't want to spoil the surprise for others =) HAHA