Friday, April 25

The weekend Owen & Russell found their calling

Easter Sunday found us at Mark and Yunwen's place for lunch. It was a good weekend indeed! They opened up their lovely home to us and prepared a really delicious meal that left me feeling really inspired. 

Smoked duck breast and orange salad, salmon cakes, quesadilas, guacamole and dip. Healthy, wholesome food that doesn't taste like rabbit munch, this is my kind of happy food. 

The guacamole and salmon cakes, in particular, were incredible. I normally don't even like the mooshy texture of guacamole but Yunwen's version was smoothened out with a food processor, which it a smooth ride down Chips Overload Boulevard. Instead of dried pucks, the salmon cakes were flavourful and moist; given my love for these Omega-3, fatty fish, I am feeling super inspired to make some as well. 

For desserts, Muthu, who was late but for a good reason, brought an assortment of very pretty macarons from Lauduree. 

Mark who just got back from Dubai brought back some camel milk chocolate. When he offered them to us, it was as if he has offered us an opportunity to appear on Fear Factor. The taste of camel milk was pretty untouchable, I guess it was more of the idea of eating camel's milk that made me feeling tingly. 

Oh, Yunwen and Mark also got a chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with raspberry jam from Cedele. That thing was massive - it was roughly the size of a newborn. 

And speaking of babies, our little boys put their hyperactiveness to good use and exercised the over-abundance of energy they had. Owen was definitely the more thorough of the two - a potential good catch, little ladies. 

From the dining room to the living room, Mother's Day came early for some of us.

Fuelling with super awesome guac for cleaning up is hard work. I love watching these little boys play together. 

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