Monday, April 21

Seconds at Artisan Boulangerie Co., Great World City

Two Sundays ago, the eight of us sat snugly across two tables at Artisan Boulangerie Co. Compared to our last visit, the bakery cafe was filled with hungry hordes who would not have anything to do with the Atkins or Paleo diet. Luckily, we managed to snag a couple of tables and thankfully, we like each other so moderate elbow-rubbing was tolerated. 

In the mood for something heartier, the egg mayo and corned beef sandwiches were lovely to have and hold. Though I initially turned up my nose at the seemingly plebeian egg mayo filling, the creamy yet chunky egg mayo proved hard to resist.

I also enjoyed the pairing of saltish corned beef and sweet brioche bun. Could I replicate this at home? Absolutely. Would I actually do it? Probably not.

Though we got this smoked salmon quiche for Russell, I ended up eating most of it as he wolfed down a pau that my mum got him in minutes. I swear that kid has an Asian palate and is a cheap date - just like his mama. 

My younger sister loved her roasted red pepper and cheese omelette. 

My dad's incredibly healthy smoked salmon and toast breakfast. 

My mum's not very healthy eggs benedict that my dad stole bites off. Mutual benefit is what keeps the marriage going. 

For some reason, I was feeling ridiculously peckish after the sandwiches and took it upon myself to get desserts for everyone. I feel that with age, my palate becomes more Asian and I find it harder to be satisfied with sandwiches and stuff. 

The pear frangi tart was the favourite of the trio. Quite frankly with its perfect filling-to-tart-shell ratio, there wasn't much to fault - unless you are looking the the elixir to weight loss or something.

The caramel pecan tart was sweet. Very sweet. I ate 80% of it and that kept me going the entire afternoon with the munckin. 

I can't remember anything particularly great about the Bostock but I will remember not to order it the next time. 

The chocolate molten cake that my elder sister got was surprisingly good. Surprisingly as it had been sitting around for quite a while waiting for one of us to valuate its existence; and it was remarkably luscious when I jabbed my fork into it. All together now, Ooo....

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