Wednesday, November 20

Turning nine

Holy crap, it's my blog's 9th birthday today. N-I-N-E, Nine!

And today, I received incredible news about my future too (eyes off my paunch). I am genuinely psyched as I feel like this has been two years in the making.

Though I don't want to reveal too much for now, I want to say a hugeass and upsized "thank you" to my family and friends - for putting up with me, not questioning my decisions and supporting me in whatever I do.  

I leave you with this picture of the munckin and I having breakfast at McDs as it is one of my favouritest moments in recent months.

Two more days to the weekend!


Bern said...

happy 9th birthday babe! keep writing! and in case u don't know this by now...i love reading your blog, your cheeriness and upbeat prose is like a ray of wholesome sunshiney goodness. :)

yixiao said...

thank you, bern! made my day~

Roxana said...

Love reading your blog. Keep writing! Used to admire your fashion sense when we were still colleagues and still do except now I have to add your food review to the plates as well. Hope you and your family stay happy and healthy.


Anonymous said...

Well done for keeping this blog alive! Keep going!


yixiao said...

Thank you both for your super super sweet comments!