Friday, November 22

Swan Lake by Bolshoi Ballet

Being a younger sister definitely has its perks - especially if your older sibling has exceptional taste in clothes and entertainment.

My younger sister and I scored tickets for Swan Lake by Bolshoi Ballet after my elder sister had to travel last minute-ish.

Long story short (because I am dog tired), the dancers, costumes and orchestra were utterly memorizing!

While I groaned at the thought of donning heels for the evening, most of these dancers were dancing on their toes for more than two and a half hours.

Normally I don't take caffeine after 2pm but I made myself a third cup just after 4pm in anticipation of the performance. Geezus, I'm a dinosaur alright.

Annnnnnd a highlight of the evening was definitely bumping into Zhu =)


Zhu! said...

Wheeeeeee!!!! So happy you two were there! Loved our tete a tete during the interval!!

yixiao said...

You looked relieved... JUST KIDDING! Hahaha