Sunday, November 17

Monthly cook-out :: November

I passed out after this meal. Not kidding. I, who hardly takes naps, could not keep my eyes open for the next couple of hours after this meal.

Diana made a fresh and healthy caprese salad. Note: Emphasis on the word "healthy" as it went downhill from there…

Esther’s twice-baked potato boats was a double whammy in the cardiac arrest department but they were incredible. 

Marcus made a lovely still-pink-on-the-inside roast beef but I'll confess the kicker was the slow roasted carrots.

This time round, I made slow cooker pork ribs, using this recipe. It is a keeeeeper (though the Mister, loyal to his grill, begs to defer)! I love discovering awesome things to make with a slow cooker. I also threw in some slow roasted shallots with balsamic vinegar. They were a little burnt as I forgot to wrap them up in the oven (typical) but my younger sister loved them (also typical).

Speaking of my younger sister, she made a seriously boozy rum and raisin tiramisu.

As well as Nigella Lawson’s double chocolate meringue. Usually not a fan of meringues but this was surprisingly crisp and fudgy.

However, my favourite dessert was a steamed carrot cake pudding from the The Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook. It dominated my thoughts for a great deal of time.

Sleepy again…

Origami animals!

A monkey on the loose… 

Grumpy nugget set to head home

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