Monday, November 25

The White Rabbit, Harding Road

Single, engaged or even married, I'm sure some of us dreamt of holding our wedding ceremony at The White Rabbit at some point in time. It is a beautiful space - a restored old chapel outfitted with modern furnishings that melds seamlessly into the original structure. Yet stories of style over substance meant the restaurant wasn't among the top of my list of restaurants to try anytime soon (yes, I do - sadly - keep a list under 'Notes' on my list).

When my MIL suggested meeting up for a meal there, I did a quick Google search and realised there had been a change in chefs. We liked what we read - new chefs have a lot to prove and some do successfully outdo their predecessors. *cough* Jaan *cough* 

Although the restaurant claims to serve "impeccable food without the stuffiness of typical fine-dining establishments," prices veer close to what you would find at fine-dining restaurants. In space-deprived Singapore, the seating was surprisingly sparse and the restaurant was half-filled for Saturday brunch, which only shows how competitive the brunch scene is in Singapore.

The Salad Printemps with asparagus, mango, avocado, mesclun and house dressing was fresh and clean-tasting but not worth the price tag, considering how many pieces of the first three items we received.

My appreciation for the Charcuterie Platter has grown with age. I just love the idea and more importantly, the act of nibbling over salty bits of cold cuts, preserved meats and schmears.

Here at The White Rabbit, the platter consisted of saucission, smoked duck breast, andouliette,
mushroom terrine, duck rilette, pickled vegetables and crunchy toasts. Funny enough, when we said "yes" to more toasts, they gave us some grilled pillowy breads that were even more schmear-friendly than the original offering. 

When it comes to the main courses, The White Rabbit kicks it up a notch with fine-dining-establishment offerings such as lobster omelette and grilled wagyu côte de boeuf.

I thought about having the Dover Sole Meunière when my MIL said she might go for the Fettuccine Carbonara and my FIL, the Braised Oxtail. Common sense told me, you should not choose a dish that costs twice as much as your in-laws, especially if you aren't the one getting the bill.

Then almost by a stroke of the divine intervention, I spotted the Cape Grim Steak & Eggs and immediately went for it. Three of us around the table had it, and the Fettuccine and Oxtail was forgotten history. 

My inability to resist shoestring fries went hand-in-hand with a well-oiled dip-and-chug arm reflex. I absolutely wiped out the accompanying fries and fell into the rabbit hole of drowsiness after lunch.

A perfectly pink striploin steak and two sunny side ups? Sign me up, honey. 

Despite what I have said about wagyu patties, the Wagyu Quarter Pounder walked the talk and silenced my inner critic. An unbelievably juicy wagyu patty, onion relish, sautéed mushrooms and cheddar cheese sandwiched between toasted brioche slices, more is definitely more in this instance. 

If chocolate is your game, the rich and luscious Chocolate Moelleux will make you pull out your victory dance. Though the ice cream tasted like plain ok' vanilla, instead of the promised passionfruit, I would pick the pairing of vanilla and chocolate over passionfruit and chocolate any day.

Just when I thought I had seen enough stodgy bread and butter puddings, The White Rabbit's Raisin Bread & Butter Pudding charmed me with its crisp edges and tear-able insides. A drizzle of vanilla sauce and smattering of rum-soaked raisins might just convince you that this is the best bread and butter pudding out there in the market. 


Janalin said...

Hi hi
i'm a sleeping fan and well, the times i do drop you a message means, it's pretty worth mentioning in my book lah. hahah. Before i go into the dish i'm recommending, let me commend you on how motherhood has made you even MORE beautiful than before and ...depends on how you look at it ... it has whittled away chunks of yixiao. They say photographs add 10 pounds on you....but your post-pregnancy photos have shown you up to be skinny!!!! Is Russell the new atkins?

Ok, on the subject of bread and butter pudding, you just have got to try the one at Day's Hotel coffeehouse called 21 On Rajah. The b & b pudd is to die for. My dad's other name is b & b pudd so he goes around and eats them wherever they are avaialble. I for one do not like it, but 21 on Rajah's version won me over. The food's pretty good too. My folks and I have been there a few times during the weekday, they have free refillable bread and tomato relish dip and for one of the mains, they serve a mean beef cheek of a generous size. B & b pudd takes 20 mins to prepare.

yixiao said...

Thanks Janalin. All that free flow of bread (and butter) will certainly help add the chunks back :)