Monday, November 11

Seconds at Bar-Roque Grill, Amara Hotel

I kept raving KW’s birthday meal at Bar-Roque to my family and I guess to keep me quiet for the next couple of months, we decided to have my elder sister’s birthday meal there.

A few of us were embarrassingly late as the munchkin woke up late from his morning nap. This plate of bread kept my family entertained while they waited for us – nothing like a much of carbs to keep everyone sane.

Believe me when I say, we literally dived into the meal with utmost enthusiasm, starting with this amazing NZ Little Neck Clam starter with pork sausages, corn and white wine sauce. I would never have thought to pair clams with sausages and corn but I sure as hell as glad someone did. Pass the bread over, yeah?

Deep-fried calamari might not be something you order at a French restaurant but that’s what we did – and two plates of it as one would amount to a civil war. Light crispy batter, fresh squid piled atop a spicy roasted pepper sauce. Too yummeh.

Bar-Roque’s mixed rotisserie platter would force a vegetarian into confession. Roasted chicken, kurobuta ham and leg of lamb – all perfectly seasoned and roasted. The only quibble I have was it got slightly monotonous after a while. First World issues, tell me about it. 

Which is why the Prime Rib Eye still steals my longing heart. Oh char-grilled beef fat, I have ran out of love sonnets for you. 

Another picture shall explain how much I love thee.

We order a main course portion of the Ravioles "Royan" and not a single pillow was left unloved. Itsy-bitsy wild mushrooms ravioli smothered in aged Gruyere… Forget drunk-driving, listening to Symphony 92.4FM after consuming this is one serious traffic hazard.

You know your swinging single days are over when the kitchen sends out a complimentary side dish because of your toddler. Speaking of pimping your kid, did you know it is easier to get an Hermes bag in Paris when you have a kid with you? Just sayin'

These French fries were sensational and here is another little nugget of advice: Wait for the others to feed on the fries; the best part aka crunchy bits are right at the bottom. You are welcome.

And if it isn’t considered a feast till you roll yourself out of the restaurant, do try the baked cheesecake that comes with its own buttery tart shell because what is the difference between a thousand calories and a thousand and one hundred calories? Three blueberries and a drizzle of blueberry coulis kept it from getting downright heavy.

Lest we forget it was a birthday meal. A lovely apple pie was shared among many peckish forks. 

My sister, the birthday girl, with the apple pie of her eye - not referring to myself, obviously. Yeap, I totally failed as a mum by forgetting to wipe the blueberry smear away from my kid's face with my saliva. 

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