Friday, November 8

Mydori Kaiten Sushi, Shibuya

It was simply a case of being at the right place at the right time. I was feeling all shopped-out in Shinjuku and suddenly I saw an advertisement for kaiten sushi at Seibu, Shibuya.

Going by our gut (!) feel, we decided to have an early lunch and ended up having one of the most enjoyable meals in Tokyo.

Two plates of aburi sushi. No need to share.

The most expensive plate is only ¥525 and includes premium items such as uni and otoro.

This kaiten sushi place also offers some deep-fried nibbles like this phenomenal plate of juicy plump oysters. Three words: Love. Love Love.

While paying for our meal, I realised this kaiten sushi place is part of the popular Midori group. Can't believe how lucky we were to strike kaiten gold on our last day in Tokyo!

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