Thursday, October 31

AS Classics Diner, Roppongi

There is more to Tokyo than sushi, ramen and Yoshinoya. *Gasp*

Though most dining choices were unanimous agreed upon, the burger at AS Classics Diner was something KW really wanted to try and I pretty much welcomed the break from Japanese food.

I do love me some onion rings. In fact, I think I love onion rings more than fries.

Before I forget, for someone who is not a fan of potato wedges, I did my fair share of polishing off the handful that we were given. Before you scoff at the single-digit number of wedges, remember you want to walk around chichi Roppongi with a decent level of panache - even after a meal.

Not into frills, KW chose a simple cheeseburger. The patty itself was alright, sandwiched between with a soft-enough bun that provided enough cushioning for the fresh, crisp tomatoes, lettuce and onions.

Japanese thoughtfulness: I love how they provide you with a separate bag- with the sole purpose of collecting burger juices - to eat the burger in.

Almost a foot long, this hot dog consisting of a peppery pork sausage topped off with hearty chili stuck to my ribs all day long (though it miraculously disappeared when it was time for our depachika dinner).

I don't know how we managed to finished the dog but we did it, sacrificing our Soft Twist for the day.

AS Classics Diner
B1F Metro Hat/Hollywood Plaza
6-4-1 Roppongi
Minato-ku, Tokyo

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dairycream ng said...

Hi, it was nice to read about your food adventures in Tokyo. I was at AS Classic last weekend for the Snoopy meal and I had to queue so long for it! And I agree with you about Dean & Deluca...if only Singapore's outlet had such a variety of baked goodies too :)