Monday, September 23

Monthly cook-out // September

September's monthly cook-out deviated from our usual BYO though we each did our fair share of cooking. To celebrate Mid-autumn Festival, an auspicious eight of us congregated at seventy-six for steamboat and mooncakes. 

To kick things off, I made panko spam Ma Ling. Baked. Over-fried. So the 10th stick is wholly justified. And you know what, Ma Ling might have reduced their sodium content but it will never be HPB-approved yeah?

Double dipping (only in your side dish, puuuur-lease) with suki dipping sauce and Japanese sesame sauce.

We had to get new tableware as the ones we had weren't suitable - yes, I know, any excuse is a good excuse to get new dinnerware. 

I especially loved this bunny plate from Arita Yaki. Chang E would have approved. 

And the early bird gets the good seats and more Ma Ling. 

Steamboat - the only occasion when artificial seafood is not only condoned but celebrated. 

Don't worry, we had real meat too. Remember the Ma Ling?

Traditional baked mooncakes from Shangri La and TWG. Well, roasted melon seeds and ginger made for a not-so-traditional filling but the TWG mooncake was unusually good though the fibrous ginger did remind me of er, stray hair strands. 

The dark chocolate crunchy pearls snow mooncakes from Raffles Hotel were sooo good. Mint and chocolate is without a doubt one of favourite combinations.

These champagne truffle and ganache mooncakes that Zee brought were delightful too. Corporate gifts FTW.

I love how we set a date for the next cook-out as soon as the current event draws to a close. More exciting than bidding for the Olympics, I tell you. And no famed fish market gets torn down in the process.

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