Wednesday, September 25

Sarang, Orchard Central

Don't bother googling Sarang (#07-01 Orchard Central). Or rather, read whatever you find with a pinch of salt. It is one of those places with more media-invites blog reviews than those written by paying customers. 

Damn those food bloggers who take awesome pictures while letting their food turn cold. *Swallows drool* I have to admit I found myself intrigued by what Sarang had to offer, thanks to those mouth-watering pictures. Fortunately, an opportunity to try out the eatery presented itself when a Groupon deal popped up in my Spam.  

Apparently, Sarang had also undergone a re-vamp and now offer Korean "tapas." That probably gives them an all-access pass to reduce the size of the dishes without tweaking their prices downwards, I guess. 

I don't think one would balk at the menu prices but when the dishes came, I couldn't help but feel slightly shortchanged. That's 'dining out' for you, I guess. However, putting all our First World grievances aside, the food was actually pretty good. 

From the Korean Tapas menu, the rice cakes and okonimiyaki were pleasing and a great way to appease those feeling more peckish than hungry. 

To be honest, I was really excited about the Korean nachos but it fell flat on festivities (damn those blogger pictures). However, all is not lost as I have grand plans to beef this dish up for home parties. Stay tuned. 

The grilled meats were quite something as well. The Meat Lover's platter and short ribs were spot on, in terms of timing and flavour. 

But don't feel your meats on the hot plate for too long unless you like your meats to taste like your jelly flats i.e. tough and rubbery (not that I have ever bitten into my jelly flats). 

The Army Stew was a tasty filler, guaranteed to spoil those craving for sodium glutamate. 

Service-wise, it was a case of "don't expect much" but passable if we didn't overanalyzed it. Throughout the meal, the restaurant was comfortably packed but I couldn't help but wonder if the other patrons were trying to use up their Groupon vouchers as well. I guess we will find out in due course. 

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