Thursday, September 5

Divorce - too easy

A blogger who I follow pretty religiously recently blogged about filing for divorce. It felt like someone dropped a bomb on me. And her baby girl just turned one. I know it takes two hands to clap or hold hands, but I hate that guy. 
It freaking hurts even though we don't know each other personally and she lives across the globe, at least two oceans apart.

Dear married readers, has anyone of you NOT considered divorce? No, really? Lucky you. 

I don't know why I am even talking about this. Maybe it is because back in California, sleep deprivation and a whole host of other factors led to one too many squabbles and I actually had the S word (four syllables) said to me in a fit of anger. Not one to be a victim, I took a good five minutes to process the implications before the two of us promised to never joke about such matters or use it as a bargaining chip. 

Happy post tomorrow, I promise. 


Bern said...

oh divorce is such a devastating thought isn't it? I haven't thought of that (yet), but then again, we haven't even been married 2 years so my aforementioned comment holds little weight.

that's why I advocate so strongly on marriage very important for people to do their due diligence before they get married! getting married is such an important, life-changing decision (because it's supposedly for life) that it requires the requisite due diligence and merits serious consideration, so I cant understand how some people make such a decision so lightly. I think, if everyone gave a lot more thought abt their other half's character and the reasons for getting married, there'll be a lot less marriages because they'll realize what a potentially big mistake they're making. which necessarily leads to a lot less divorces.

p.s. i'll have to make the caveat here that there are certain non-negotiables that somewhat justify divorce, like adultery or physical violence.

my 1-cent's worth! :) cheer up!

yixiao said...

"certain non-negotiables that somewhat justify divorce, like adultery or physical violence. "

aye aye