Friday, September 6

The fourth monthly cook-out // August

After a month break in July, our cook-out was back with a bang and more cook-outtees in attendance. 

Esther and Rachel were inaugurated into our cook-out and the sisters hosted an ahhh-mazing August session. 

Esther prepared kueh pie tee. Not-so-interesting trivia, when I was a kid, I loved popiah but I thought kueh pie tees were weird, like "who would eat them?" weird. Guess I was the weird one. 

For some reason, I was in the mood to make tteotbokki so  I made some tteotbokki. Probaly sparked off by massive cravings during our stopover in Seoul last month. 

Zhu made a massive salad with fusilli, arugula, corn, tomatoes and bacon. And it was sooo good! I hope the munchkin saw his mama down her greens like a champ. 

Like I said, it was massive. Everything else looked like a hobbit beside it.  

Diana brought along some chicken and Ipoh hor fun from 怡保芽菜雞 - hey, if its tasty, it doesn't matter if it ain't homemade.

Esther teaching us how to eat kueh pie tee - watch and learn kids, invaluable life skills in the making.  

Marcus and Zee prepared Vietnamese spring rolls which were clean, light and refreshing - the type of food one should be tucking into after a long vacation of mindless indulgence. I didn't manage to get a picture of it as I was holding the munchkin, who had overstayed his visit on the booster seat.

Yang brought along a hodgepodge of desserts consisting of hum chin pengs, butterfly buns and sweet treats from Cake Spade. 

The Nutella fudge crumble was incredible. I polished it off when noone was watching as nobody else seemed to attack it with as much determination. 

As if to rescue us from food coma - though not really Rachel whipped up a bittersweet peanut butter chocolate cake that was every bit as glorious as it sounded and looked. 

Happy times! 


Anonymous said...

I'm staring hard at the salad picture trying to figure out how to make such a delicious looking salad. My keen eye also spies some white bits not mentioned in the ingredient list of arugula, bacon, tomato and corn. Did your friend Zhu share with you the recipe to share it here? =p

yixiao said...

Here you go:

1 can of corn, cherry tomatoes (cut in half), hard boiled eggs (1 for each person) lean bacon shoulder/fry/cut up, 1-2 shallots minced, plus sauce which is vinegar+mustard then add olive oil salt pepper. And feta cheese. Plus fusilli pasta.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yixiao for always replying!