Friday, August 23

Day 6 - Taqueria Jalisco / Burger Me! (Lake Tahoe)

KW's aunt and uncle also came along on the trip. Initially, I was a little concerned about dragging them to burger joints and tacquerias but they were really sporty and weren't the sort that needed Chinese food all the time.

Though I didn't do much research on Lake Tahoe (frankly I didn't know what to expect), a quick search on Yelp revealed two places that we had to visit: Taqueria Jalisco and Burger Me!. 

It's funny because I think I have made it my mission to have as much Mexican food as I can when I'm in this part of the world. It's not like I am the biggest fan of Mexican cuisine but when I am in California, it is sacrilegious to bypass such crazy tasty grub that I can't get back at home.

Taqueria Jalisco seemed really authentic, read: dark, dingy and baby-unfriendly. 

Go big or go home, called out this burrito which was the size of a newborn puppy (doncha just wanna eat them?) 

Their pork carnitas weren't as life-changing as La Bamba's in Mountain View... Ugh, I am ruined for life when it comes to pork carnitas. 

Man, words - or rather family-friendly language - can't express how much I love nachos. Especially when it's smothered under a behemoth of toppings. 

Burger Me! Has been featured on Diners, Drive-In's & Dives – a programme that I only watch when there is nothing else worth tuning into – and won lots of accolades on review-centric sites such as Yelp and Tripadvisor.

The Patty Melt complete with pepperJack cheese, onions and sauerkraut. I thought it would be a burger (heh heh) but I got over the surprise and disappointment quickly enough.

A slab of blackened Atlantic cod, crunchy coleslaw and creamy tangy tartar sauce, the Fish Sando was simply awesome.

KW's uncle got a burger and no, I wasn't shameless enough to ask for a bite.

All you single, married and soon-to-be single ladies, put this onion ring on you quick. So so good!

Sweet potatoes fries that taste nothing like rabbit food masking as healthy fast food. It was truly a sweet heavenly combination of sweet potatoes and deep-fried fries, with crisp coating and addictive nibbly innards. 

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