Thursday, August 22

Day 5 - Tahoe City / Poppy's Waffle Shop and Frozen Yogurt

After spending alot time with the family, KW and I managed to snag some time for ourselves. 

Socks selfie!

Hanging out with the family in Tahoe City earlier in the day gave me an opportunity to suss out ice cream spots. Though the town isn't huge by any stretch of imagination, my spy-eye cued me in on Poppy's Frozen Yogurt & Waffle Shop. 

We ordered a double scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip and Rocky Road in a waffle cone (our way of saying, "Happy Holidays, skinny monkeys!") but we weren't quite ready for the towering heap of deliciousness that followed. 

They gave us extra big scoops as we had to wait for a while. Don't you just love the extra lovin' that comes with customer service recovery? 

It took us approximately two minutes to get over our shock and be done with cam-whoring.

Two huge cups of coffee propped up our energy levels.  

Which made it possible for us to take a walk around the lake. 

Blissful and beautiful!

Can't miss out on posting pictures of the munchkin or my mum and sister would be like, "Why are there no pictures of xx today? We don't just want to see what you ate..."

Man, these pictures taken with the munchkin in Tahoe City will likely end up on his wedding slideshow - assuming those things still exist....  

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Lisa said...

looks like you are having a wonderful family holiday!