Saturday, August 24

Day 6 - Smith Family Farm / Alexander's Steakhouse (Cupertino)

Tis the season to be jolly eating your weight in peaches and tomatoes. 

And off to peach-picking we go! 

On our way back to Cupertino, we stopped by at Smith Family Farm for a peach-picking session. 

Apart from all the PY0B (pick your own bounty) action, you can shop to your heart's content for the season's prettiest and brightest fruits and vegetables. 

Our dear peaches and cream... 

It was difficult not to get carried away! 

Re-energizing as peach-picking sure is hard work!

God, I wish I could bake a pie... I might have a same-ish bob but Ina Garten I am not. 

You can be sure we were pooping peaches for the next few days. #TMI

KW's uncle gave us a treat for dinner one evening and he specifically asked for steak. KJ readily made reservations as Alexander's Steakhouse, which incidentally is a one Michelin star restaurant. 

Raw red meat greats you at the door. Felt very True Blood indeed... 

Above we have the heirloom tomatoes salad, with peaches, sea beans (eh?) and herbs. Pictures turned out horribly due to the lightening but I am sure you can tell the dishes were plated up beautifully. 

After many days of meats, burgers and tacquerias, I was mad craving for fish. The king salmon was a thing of omega-3 goodness (perfect for stressful moments during the trip) and the accompanying lumps of crab leg was seriously good. 

KW's ribeye. It was good but I didn't regret ordering my salmon.

Among all the sides, which was all delicious, the uni fried rice was probably something that made us go, "Wooo" when our waiter introduced it as a daily special. To be honest, it was quite ordinary (tasted like er, fried rice) but I am sure the presence of uni must have made this the most expensive fried rice we've had in a while.

Though we didn't order any desserts, we rounded up our meal with such childhood-conjuring petit fours. 

It was an awesome dinner but I am not going to lie - it was admittedly a little hard to enjoy the meal with the munchkin around.

Oh well, got to make the best out of things =)


Bern said...

is it just me, or do fruits taste sweeter when you're overseas?? i ate my weight in apples when i was in the US as well! even the obligatory salads at Denny's were scrumptious!

yixiao said...

I do believe the fruits and vegetables are much better overseas. Normally the fruits we get back in Singapore are plucked and harvested before their peak :(

Oysterdiaries said...

I think it really helps to buy from reliable fruit sellers that know how to choose and ripen the fruit.

Eating my way through cartons of pink moon peaches from the US... in SG! This is TRULY the best season for peaches. Aussie peaches are good but the US peaches trump all ^^

Michelle said...

sometimes even with the abundance of food choices out, i wish instead we had fruit orchards in singapore. i would totally love to go pick my own fruits (esp berries!!!) :)