Wednesday, July 17

Fatty Ox Hong Kong Roast Duck

For Russell's birthday at my parents' place, my mum called up some seemingly random wanton mee seller, upon my elder sister's recommendation. Glad to be spared of the usual lemon-chicken-and-Thai-basil-fish catering!

I was intrigued by what this hawker had to offer but somewhat doubtful of whether he could feed 50 people with a few huge metal trays of food. Furthermore, I was slightly underwhelmed by the low, or rather no frills makeshift set-up but I was about to be proven wrong big time.  

Boasting a good percentage of fat, this was so not your average stringy, dyed-red char siew. Obviously, you can't compare it with those beasts from Imperial Treasure and Crystal Jade, but it was mighty moreish and you don't have to dig far for those charred ends. Oh yeah. 

His soya sauce chicken was seriously tender, and the slippery flavorful chicken skin could easily hold it own against all those funky dehydrated, deep-fried versions made by hipster chefs. 

What really brought me down to my knees was this pot of braised beef and tendon. And I am sure I wasn't the only one who felt this way - my fifth uncle, who was first in line, helped himself to three chunks of beef tendon. 

Braised beef is the perfect food for the young and old, regardless of whether you are teething or if you have dentures. Bewitchingly delicious, a bubbling claypot is the modern day cauldron, no?

Roasted duck... mmm

With few but kind words, the man of the hour worked this noodle-making magic throughout the evening... Does he look familiar? 

He blanched, prodded and parlayed the humble kee mien into plates of chewy, al dente egg noodles 

Oh, before I forget though not that I will, the minced pork and prawn wantons were superb too! I had to remind myself to leave some for our guests. 

An assembly of deliciousness just begging to me demolished. Obey, we must!

Only towards the evening did I manage to get hold of his namecard (read more about him HERE and HERE). 

Que a chorus of "OHHHHHHH!" please. 


Bern said...

i was tempted to get this guy for my housewarming but i realised that he probably needs an open air area to set up his "kitchen", doesn't he? do u think he'll be willing to cater in my galley kitchen instead??

yixiao said...

Hi Bern, I believe he might - he cooked at my sister's boss's kitchen. Most of the food is pre-prepared so he only needs space to cook the noodles and wantons.

Anonymous said...

wow! how much did it cost may i ask?

yixiao said...

helloo, it costs $20 per person, minimum 20 people.

sooks said...

what an awesome party!

Michelle said...

wah this looks absolutely fabulous. *drools*