Monday, July 15

Department of Caffeine, Duxton Road

Wanna know how I spent my kiddo's first birthday? 

No, not cam-whoring in the WC of my favourite mall. 

But with people who have been keeping me sane for the past year. 

I'm not a brunch person and I didn't marry someone who is one either. Thankfully, I can count on my friends to help me step out of my kopi-and-curry-puff territory every once in a while. 

Zee suggested Department of Caffeine ( for breakfast, and Diana and I were happy to hop along for the ride. Compared to Group Therapy Cafe and Carpenter & Cook (yes, I am that up-to-date), DOC's service was just about as warm as their industrial decor - maybe they haven't had their cuppa coffee yet. 

Like their grub, the menu is small, tidy and likable. The order-at-the-counter system eliminated any double plus signs after the price tag. 

DOC's smoked salmon, broccoli and cottage cheese quiche could be considered a light bite if you are effin' hungry and can't hold out for your main. Guilty as charged.  

Fish sandwiches or burgers are not commonly found unless you visit a fast-food restaurant and DOC pulls off a tasty Fish Finger Sandwich that might make you go, "Filet of fish who?" 

Instead of fries that would send one over the edge and into the dark abyss of food coma, crunchy pickled Japanese cucumbers offer some relief from all that mayo (not complaining) and deep-fried batter (still not complaining)

Waffles and I don't have much of a history. Apart from those delicious lip-smacking, finger-licking versions in Belgian, I don't really see a need to spend much time over things that taste woefully monotonous after the fifth bite.

Then I saw it. Rum. 

And I went all over it like maple syrup on a warm toasty waffle

Though I balk at the idea of paying double digits for eggs, I don't mind doing so for waffles. Well, there isn't a case to be made since I don't own a waffle maker - and I dread the idea of white elephants collecting dust in our kitchen cabinets. 

DOC's carrot cake was a dense coconut-ty slice, thinnly smeared with a layer of cream cheese. Not the best around town but a pleasant enough cake. 

Happy days. Counting my blessings one step at a time. 

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