Sunday, March 24

The fourth weekend of March

// Oh, Loacker Minis, how I love that you are part of my 5am routine! But I just don't get your tight-as-sausage-casing packaging. It's difficult to squeeze you out for two bites; on the other hand, you are too squarish for one big bite.

// A new print for our ... Because the most important qns when you visit someone's home is not, "How much does this cost?" but "Where is the toilet?"

// We celebrated KW's grandmother's birthday at Swatow Seafood Restaurant, where the food was surprisingly good. I especially loved the oyster omelet as they served the oysters in a separate bowl, alongside the crunchy-munchy egg batter; and since I don't enjoy the sluggish texture of oysters, I could eat more of that better batter to my (clogged) heart's content.

// Tried something new over Diana's birthday lunch at Din Tai Feng - Smoked Duck Spring Roll.  

// Something old that couldn't be missed. 

// Dave, Chris and Julie came over for lunch on Sunday and that was great as it has been a while since we last met up.

// Things I tell myself to get out of my funk: Stay busy. Stop comparing. Be frivolous.


Anonymous said...

i love your galaxy dress. care to share where you got it from?

yixiao said...

hello, that is a flower-print dress from H&M =)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

Lovely dress and lovely accessories (child included.. Obviously battling its competition ..) looking great Yi Xiao !