Wednesday, March 20

Brewerkz, Riverside Point

On any given day, I probably wouldn't suggest heading to Brewerkz for a meal. My last visit goes as far back as 2009 when I was a wide-eyed unmarried, childless damsel and while the food was tasty, it didn't make me go, "Must. Head. Back. Pronto."

Yet one evening after spending a long day in school, I was in the mood for junkish grub, well, nachos to be exact and Brewerkz was ever-so-conveniently located to fulfil this craving of mine.

Like I mentioned earlier, the grub at Brewerkz is tasty but not great. You have to order things that set you up for success (like nachos!). Ordering something like grilled chicken breast or turkey ham salad isn't going to get you very far - you are just gearing yourself up for epic disappointment.

The nachos hit the spot. Topped with fresh salsa, chunkish guacamole, sour cream and mozzerella, it was defnitely grub that you could not stop picking at, especially when fatigue sets in and your brain sort of fizzles past the fullness stage. 

I wanted to try their Wagyu Brisket because we had just made brisket a while back and it would have been interesting to see what "restaurant-standard" brisket tasted like. The Wagyu fats must have rendered out during the cooking process, reminding me that ordering Wagyu brisket is almost as futile as the patty of a Wagyu burger. It was stringy and a little dry but not entirely edible.

The word "aioli" kinda justifies the act of eating absurd amounts of mayonnaise. Naturally, it was delicious against the backdrop of dark malt bread, an uber dense and satisfying loaf. I kept nibbling at it, dunking it into the salad ranch dressing intermittently - yes, this would be a tactic of mine should I ever participate in a Man vs. Food challenge.

The Brewerkz salad on the side was meh, really glad we didn't order a full portion. Then again, I'm not a fan of salad and I'm pretty sure the nachos has some tomato-avocado superfood nutrient going on there.


muchadoabouteating said...

Wow it's not easy to be a studying/working mum. Utmost respect to mummys like you

yixiao said...

I'm grateful for the opportunity :)