Wednesday, October 10

Three months on

And guilty as charged

* Repeating "Hi" 19 times too many just to hear Russell say it once.

* Creating an iPhone photo album specially for the bub's photos. I'm not good at small talk and visual aids help.

* Buying oversized clothes for the bub. It's all about mileage. 9-12 months old pajamas pants for a 3 month old? Meet my mini MC Hammer, folks. You can't touch this... 

* Enjoying an incredible sense of satisfaction when I carry and rock him to sleep.

* Admit to being that really closet-competitor mother. While I don't feel the need to hog Russell all the time, I want to be the one who calms him down when others can't, miraculously soothe him to sleep, be the first person he smiles at every morning ... wait, scratch that - be the first person to witness his milestones.

Happy three months, my little man!


Anonymous said...

he's adooraablleeee :)

yixiao said...

thank you!

Lisa said...

OOH! So sweet. There is something special about the bond between a mother and her son. When I had a boy, I couldn't believe it for a whole year! Spoil him with hugs and kisses.

yixiao said...

yeah, you are right. it's probably more 'maternal killer instinct,' as opposed to 'killer maternal instinct' in my case though.