Monday, October 8

Weekend #40

Looking all grown up for his doctor’s visit. I swore never to be one of those mums who suffer from Empty Nest Syndrome but got to admit I prefer Russell in baby clothes.

All week, I was looking forward to brunch at Carpenter & Cook. It was really sweet of Zee to share a prize that she had won from a Granny's Day Out contest with us.

Watched the dreadfully cute Moonrise Kingdom. I tend not to read synopsis of movies that I would like to catch so it came as a real surprise to me that this movie was a love story about pre-teens. Did I just kill it for you? Whoops. Hold out for the happy ending yeah? Double whoops.

It was as if someone switched off the ‘Full’ button in my brain. I just kept snacking all afternoon throughout the movie, relieving the fridge of our chocolate and moooncake stash.

Saturday dinner at the club with my parents. These days, weekly trips are made to the club for good reason. We don't ever have to worry about parking, the crowds, changing rooms and the bub hardly acts up whenever we are there, thanks to the fantastic air-conditioning system.

Oktoberfest is the perfect excuse to pig out. I truly wish I had the discipline to say "no" but frankly with all the sweet stuff I had all day, my tastebuds were clamoring for real food; and hunks of roasted pork knuckle fitted the bill perfectly.

Then it was back to sweets with some treats that I bought from Carpenter & Cook earlier. Mixed berries frangipani tart, passionfruit meringue tart, raspberry bundt cake and lemon drizzle pound cake. Everything was polished off quickly, which says a lot considering my family aren’t that big on pastries.

And since we were on a dessert roll, an order was put in for the Tart of the Month – Chocolate and Almond Pear Tart. I must say, although I never liked fruit-and-chocolate-anything, this was a mighty fine tart.

The feasting did not stop on Sunday as we went for a buffet lunch at Preggers Prego with my in-laws. 

The Four Seasons Hotel might look a little dated but they have amazing floral displays. Love the use of pumpkin in the instance. Very appropriate for Halloween, Autumn and Thanksgiving.

Hope you had a gut-busting weekend too!


Anonymous said...

hello where was the chocolate and almond pear tart from?

btw Russell looks so cute in his checkered shorts. So retro!

yixiao said...

hello anon, the tart is from SICC.
thank you!