Friday, October 12

Dolcetto by Basilico

It could have been kw's brother's recent engagement ... or Russell's third month birthday ...

or both but there were plenty of reasons to celebrate when my MIL brought over these delightful pastries from Dolcetto by Regent Hotel's Basilico.

Cannoli stuffed with ricotta and pistachios

Fig frangipani cake *heart*

Mixed berries tart with strawberries, blueberries, 
blackberries and raspberries

Mixed nuts tart with cashews, macadamias, peanuts and pistachios *heart*

Lemon curd crumble with a crispy feuille base *heart*

Chocolate-filled sfogliatelli

I have always had a good feeling about the offerings at Regent Hotel Singapore and Basilico, and these sweet nothings from Dolcetto (which has replaced Something To Do) are worth the trek up town. 

Hope you have a sweet, lovely weekend!


Bern said...

I loved the donuts from Something To Go! Does Dolcetto hv anything similar??

yixiao said...

Hmm I'm not sure about that but you could call them up to check?

adel said...

man...these bakes and sweets look so good...must make a trip there! great intro..