Friday, September 7

Kith Bistro, Park Mall

Park Mall wasn’t a mall I frequented until we had to renovate our then-new place; even then, we didn’t hang out there much as many things were either out of this world or out of our budget and the food offerings were er, dodgy (Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ and Sakae, ehh?).

Yet very recently, Kith Bistro ( appeared, jazzing up the tenant mix, and we promptly made our way there for Zee’s belated birthday brunch.

Though the café was 90% full at 11am, we waited for about ten minutes for the communal table to be freed up. Spoiler alert: Affable service and tasty grub are just a couple of reasons to return soon.

The Big Breakfast - Well, no big secret to what each component tastes like, but it makes for a safe choice if you like your eggs and bacon or sausages first thing in the morning.

The linguine with duck liver, cherry tomatoes and veal jus was the sort of thing one would dream about after watching Jamie's Great Italian Escape. Seemingly simple yet packed with flavor.

Instead of eggs and toast and thanks to its ubiquity, my barometer of a café these days is the cream cheese carrot cake. If four ‘C’s isn’t enough for you, Kith’s rendition throws in the fifth ‘C’ – Classic. No bells or whistles here, duly noted. While there might not be as many walnuts or be as light as Cedele's, I wouldn't hesitate to order it again.

We sat around long enough to feel the need for an afternoon pick-me-up. Well, your biological routine is bound to adapt when you wake up at 5am every morning and consume two breakfasts by 10am. The tiramisu, by request of the belated birthday girl, was delightfully light and moist without being a soggy mess.

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