Monday, September 10

Two months on

Life with a baby isn't all peaches and cream though all I wanna do sometimes is pinch his chubby cheekies... Let’s get this straight, this isn't a my-life-rhymes-with-bits dissertation, but more of a let's-get-real-cos-the-diaper-ain't-gonna-clean-itself post.

When the bub was about four weeks, he suddenly developed an unexplainable need to have a meltdown every evening. Frankly, it isn't Russell's crying that stresses me out, it is the adults who decide to join in his A Capella.

Times like these, I try to disengage myself from the situation and remind myself to breathe. Doesn't matter if I choose the blue or red pill - what I need to take is the chill pill.

Eight weeks along, we have learnt the bub gets cranky when it is warm, loves being outdoors and loves to be constantly carried.

The bub doesn't get hungry, he gets hangry. Predictable. I think I know who he inherited those genes from.

With all the hoopla about reversing Singapore’s birth rate, here's my two cents' worth: For me, it is not about the material comforts but the emotional support. I reckon it's pretty easy for me to give up most of the things I enjoyed in my corporate life but ask me if I would have kids without the support of my parents or in laws and I would answer, “N0” with a big fat zero in place of an "O".

My little man checking himself out for the first time

There is so much to take in everyday when you hang out with a baby but we are getting there. Slowly but surely. 


Lisa said...

He really is just so adorable.

Fen said...

Wow, reading your post seems to be a reflection of myself too. Parenthood is definitely not easy and it is so heartwarming to see the photos of your bub..

Yea, emotional support is indeed important and as long as the bub gives you a hearty smile, it just makes your day, no matter how frustrating, tiring and challenging the day has been...

yixiao said...

thanks lisa!

fen, yeah, none can ever be prepared for parenthood.

floberita said...

ah yes, i remember the tough grind of night feeds, peep (pee n poop, hee hee!), engorged boobs, etc..but it only gets better!! continue to stay positive and cheery cos u are really are so blessed to have so much emotional support :)

yixiao said...

*crosses fingers*