Wednesday, September 5

A quick puff from Boon Pisang Goreng (Long House)

I have been looking for a worthy curry puff to satisfy my basic needs ever since Pick & Bite up and left Thomson Plaza and Tip Tip tweaked their recip. Oh, I must add I'm into instant gratification so best if I didn't travel too far for a quick pick-me-up; so though the curry puff from Pancake King at Serangoon Gardens is yummy, it falls short of being "a ten minute drive away".

One fine day, we made a quick stop at Long House because I needed a quick puff and I miraculously remembered them to be sold at Boon Goreng Pisang (183 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Long House Food Centre).

Warm, buttery, doughy crust cradling slightly spicy potato cubes... Yada yada, I'm sure you've heard it all. Though there weren't any chicken or eggs harmed in the process of making this, this curry puff was extremely satisfying. However, what made me check all the boxes was this lingering aftertaste of a particular spice.

What was it? Star anise? Can someone decode it?

The mystery is killing me.


Lisa said...

Curry puffs are my favourite. Just booked a trip to Singapore, so will be eating plenty of them.

yixiao said...

I'm sure your itinerary will revolve around your meals! 😃