Wednesday, September 26

Culina Bistro at Dempsey

These days, slowish lunches are such an indulgence. Ever since the bub was born, in true new-parents fashion, we hadn't shared a long lunch on our own - and by "long", I'm referring to an hour and not four hours spent over palate cleansers and wine pairing. If truth be told, I do miss our usual Sunday Sushi Tei stakeouts but it's not like I've been chained to the nursery so it hasn't been all that painful.

The toasted ciabatta looked pretty pedestrian but misgivings can be overlooked with some good quality extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. To top it off literally, the truffle salt was such a pleasant surprising touch.

I knew what I was going to order as soon as I sat down. Heck, I knew what I was going to order even before I stepped into the Dempsey stratosphere.

Duck confit. Duck con-feeeee. I'm not sure what sparked that craving but I have been pining for duck confit for a long long while. Plus I had read the offering at Culina Bistro was worth having.

Well, it was good but not great. The good: crisp fatty duck skin that was a thing of delectable wonder; the bad: dry and stringy meat that required much help from the veal jus; the delightful: slick parsnip purée, slightly crunchy pears and flavourful veal jus.

One misstep for duck but plenty of other things to be thankful for too. More importantly, it satisfied the piehole.

Kw's Kobe Cuisine MBS4 Ribeye was tasty too. Though it was fatty and buttery, the thinness of the ribeye resulted in a lack of beefy flavor and graduation of crisp charredness and luscious rareness. I will say again, the appeal of Kobe and Wagyu is somewhat lost on me as I like my beefy flavours bold and bang on.

It was a lovely lunch but given what we have to pay, I won't hurry to return anytime soon.

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