Monday, October 1

Weekend #39

I was in two minds as to whether to even blog about this weekend as it wasn't exactly awesome. But this is life, isn't it? There will always be people who test your patience, rain on your parade or disappoint you. You just have to find a way to block out the negative energy they exude.

Thankfully, the weekend wasn't a lost cause. There was a simple birthday lunch with my in-laws at the Eagle. We all had the salad and appetizer buffet, which featured a very respectable spread of greens, pulses, cheeses and cold starters.

Ah, the ever-so-civilised-looking first plate. Obviously, I found something to overdose on - smoked duck salad.

With the Mister at work on a Sunday, it was up to me to get his birthday cake from Patisserie Glace. I must have had such a forlorn look on my face as the lady who passed me my cake gave me a packet of chocolate Madelines.


Good to know that some things never disappoint. Though I found whatever I needed within five minutes, I spent an extra 15 minutes looking at stuff I don't need. I *heart* you, Daiso.

Of course, I need a designated mayonnaise tube holder for my kewpie. *Face palm*

Even if Up All Night isn't the best sitcom out there, Maya Rudolph is hilarious! And of course, there is always Homeland to remind you that My So Called Unexciting Life is really a blessing. 

We celebrated kw's birthday slash Mid-Autumn Festival with the extended family over dinner at my in-laws' place. Usually, his aunt would prepare the food but this being a slightly more special occasion, we spent a good amount of time in the kitchen and over the grill.

ABC also known as Almost Buffalo Chicken otherwise known as ABC Chili Sauce Chicken.

The ever dependable chive cornbread.

Grilled beef back ribs ...

The birthday cake, Mango Rhapsody from Patisserie Glace was so good! Similar to Strawberry Hills, this delightful cake bears a nutty, buttery tart base and is generously topped with pear and mango slices, making this the birthday boy's new favorite treat from Patisserie Glace. I'm still thinking about that shortbread-like tart base... It would be insane if they could combine strawberries and pears.


Bern said...

How is it that our lives haven't yet intersected at some point or another? I go to the same club as well! And it seems that we may have a few mutual friends! Mich Fum is my MGS classmate btw.

yixiao said...

tell me about it, haha =p