Monday, September 24

Weekend #38

How was your weekend? 

Mine was great for most parts. First of all, a new manicure to kick off the weekend!

Back to my a-puff-a-day ritual. I’m not even this committed when it comes to vitamins. The longest I have gone cold turkey is like what, a week? But once I get a whiff of it, it’s down the buttery, slippery slope. I'm convinced the sardines contribute a great deal to my daily protein intake.

Saturday lunch at Culina Bistro was a much-appreciated long lunch we had.

New stuff for the house. Have you been to the new Tangs home department? It's so hard to leave empty-handed! We visited with the intention of getting a fan for our dining area (practical) and left with an additional clock (frivolous).

I checked out the time every 10 minutes after it was fixed up - time never looked better.

An enjoyable dinner with my family at the club where Indian food always takes center stage. Me, I laid off not wanting to pick a fight with my tummy and tucked into my first grilled salmon head of the weekend. Oh dear grilled salmon head, it has been too long!

To make up for lost time, I had the grilled salmon head again on Sunday. Well you know, I had to get it INTO my system to get it OUT of my system.

Power to super salmon Sunday. Can’t decide which is better – salmon skin or duck skin. I might have to say deep fried salmon skin as I can keep nibbling on them. Plain addictive.

We continued with season one of Homeland. Dark, heavy stuff. It took us a few weeks and the entire third season of Modern Family to get over the doom and gloom of episode one. This time round, we made it through three episodes.

I got a pair of key rigs on the spur of a moment. To be honest, I don’t have much use for them and only bought them as they are ridiculously cute. Too bad I can’t use the baby card on this one. Sanrio plus French pastries equals unbeatable kawaii-ness.

Wanna see something else ridiculously cute? The bub has started to make little noises when I sing the alphabet song to him

and break into biiiiggg smiles when he sees his parents =)


muchadoabouteating said...

We have way too many food similarities! I ate indian food at the club on Sat and went culina bistro on sun while dreaming of salmon fishhead throughout the weekend!!!

yixiao said...

We could have been foodie soulmates in our previous lives!

Ok, I just made the situation a 100 times creepier ...

muchadoabouteating said...

To make things 1000x worse. I am rather addicted to sardine puffs too. From Shunfu mart. Pie connection. 6 for $6. Best.

yixiao said...

I'm onto A1 curry puffs as the crusts are crazy flaky and buttery :)