Friday, July 27

Turning 27 on the 26th

I guess my birthday celebrations came a day early when I caught The Dark Knight Rises with Diana. Diana and I belong the same category of movie watchers who don't mind catching the movie but prefer not to mosh with the crowds or pay hefty weekend-priced tickets.

The movie felt as draggy as Batman’s cape in the beginning but picked up handsomely in the last hour. Me, child of the nineties, grew up Michelle Pfeiffer's adaptation of Catwoman and I was super eager to see what Anne Hatheway had to offer in this movie. She was in a nutshell: exquisite. Coquettish but with claws, she is the pampered lap pet to Pfeiffer's angry seen-it-all stray. Though I didn't quite expect her to switch sides so quickly but hey, there are enough psychos in this Batman franchise to last us the next.

I finally broke into the Chanel care kit given to me at my baby shower. I had been saving it for a special occasion and turning 27 seemed like an opportune time to do so. 

The Mr. took half the day off from work and we popped into Club Street Social for toasty paninis that would burn a hole in our pockets if we continue make this a habit. More to come!

After lunch, we popped by Goods of Desire for some kitschy domestic goodness. 

However, compared to Franc Franc, GOD was disappointingly small and a wee bit too over the top for my liking... 

Of course, some items were overpriced for stuff that one could find in heartland homeware stores. 

With brick-sized paninis still sitting in our stomachs, we could only manage a couple of tarts from Carpenter N Cook. But, even in our state of fullness, the tarts were lovely.

A quiet evening was spent with our man, Jiro in varying stages of sushi-gasm. Happy birthday indeed! 


Jasmine said...

Happy Birthday! hope you had a lovely day.

yixiao said...

Thank you, jasmine!