Tuesday, July 24

One lucky duck at Imperial Treasure

Last Sunday, I celebrated my birthday with my family at can't-go-wrong Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck (http://www.imperialtreasure.com). If you aren't a stranger to this blog, you would know I have the words “ Undying Loyalty to Imperial Treasure” or something just as ching chong written all my face.

The creepy thing is I do get excited each and every time I visit one of their restaurants. I know I can be guaranteed of a good time (no doubt good company plays a huge role) and good grub (why, hello consistency).

Within minutes of our order being taken, a plate of char siew and roasted pork momentarily diverted our attention away from the bub (though my mum might beg to differ). Both were excellently prepared – the char siew was uber tender and saucily sticky while the lean roasted pork bore a thin crisp skin that crackled with every bite. Fat, crunch and chew all on a plate - my favorite kinda textural ensemble. 

The sight of a glistening Peking Duck stopped me mid-sentence - the last time anything glistened and made me sit up was my engagement ring. And of course, table-side carving service only adds to the excitement.

All that glitters might be gold but all that glistens sure is priceless.

Throughout the meal, we were pelted with awesome dim sum left, right, center as if the restaurant was out to win some government-sponsored efficiency award. I would have normally been ticked off by such timing but I guess dim sum is best eaten hot and gone in three bits max. And the commendables include steamed beef balls that you could play ping pong with; fried rice with dried scallop, crabmeat and egg white; and dessert-ish coconut bakewell tarts.

As it was my birthday, we splurged a little and ordered the Sauteed Scallops with Italian White Truffle Oil. It was really good though the chef was a little light-handed with the truffle oil. We paid double digits damnit! Just kidding... Forgive and forget, love and live. 

Ahh, what a fabulous meal - a harbinger of good things to come, I'm sure =)


Bern said...

Happy birthday babe!

yixiao said...

Thank you in advance!

muchadoabouteating said...

Happy Birthday fellow imperial treasure's fan!

yixiao said...

Thanks py!