Monday, July 30

Club Street Social

Much has been written, blogged and raved about Club Street Social's $28 lobster panini and one blogger has even proclaimed it to be "better than sex". While I'm not quite sure whether to pity or sympathize with him, the sandwich was perhaps good enough to make one mutter declarative statements in daze and satisfaction.


Owner Min has an admirable sunny disposition - almost as if she had spent quite a bit of time taking in California, taking in its hippy happy air; we aren't friends but her friendliness is infectious. Her restaurant/ bistro (?) is a chic-as-hell eatery that wouldn't look out of place in New York City's Meatpacking District. Smaller than expected, we were relegated to the bar which freed us from any people-watching distraction.

The lobster bisque was on the thin side but by no means starved of flavor. On my next visit, which would hopefully be sooner rather than later, I would like to try their octopus and artichoke salad.

confit duck, roast portobello, balsamic onion

The confit duck was blessedly oily but overpowered by the portobello mushrooms; it went from "ok" to "oh wow" after I ate up the portobellos first.

What would really make this panini extra extraordinary is the crisp skin so welcomed from a confit dish; however, it would be took much to ask for this as the skin-to-meat ratio is regrettably unbalanced and for the sake of equality and consistency, NO ONE GETS DAH SKIN.

pan-seared lobster, avocado, yuzu mayo

Finally, the piece de resistance, the raison d'être! Chunks of lobster which have been pan-seared to bring out its sweet loveliness, layered on top of a bed of chunky avocado and generous smear of yuzu mayonnaise. The result is a block of pleasure that would knock you senseless with pleasure and delight!

The bread themselves were exceptional when eaten on its own. Whatever filling is snugly held together between two pieces of crusty airy bread - a godsend for carb whores.

It is close to 6am as I am typing this all I can think of is when I can get my next fix of this lobster panini =(


Bern said...

OMG, I think pity would be the most appropriate reaction for that poor soul! Sex, if done right, should be better than any food in the world! Operative word being "right", of course. :)

yixiao said...