Wednesday, August 1

Carpenter & Cook

Vintage wonderland. Lovely tarts. Warm service.

I could make my life easier (as one hand is semi-permanently holding a boob pump) by summing up our experience at Carpenter & Cook in six words. But no, this would not do them any favors and let's be honest, my pictures would never be as stunning as the other couple at the table - yes that DSLR-wielding couple who were still snapping away by the time we polished off our tarts.

Vintage wares, homemade jams, delightful treats … there is a lot to take in at this lovely café. The delightful treats at Carpenter & Cook are all baked by Cordon Bleu-trained Shenn Sim. Like movies based on a true story, goodies made in-house are always better, aren’t they?

Though there wasn’t a huge selection that afternoon – lucky for our filled bellies, we each found something to enjoy.

Bearing an unfathomable love for passionfruit, the Passionfruit Meringue Tart was a no-brainer choice for me.

Marshmallowy meringue, sweet but puckerish passionfruit curd, encased within a buttery shell that gave way under slight pressure.

Kw preferred the Pear Frangipane Tart, a meal-ly, almond-ny cake within a tart topped with pear slices.

The old-fashioned carrot cake looked rather fetching but we were warned “it is very filling.” Next time, my love. Next time.

Loved my Harney & Sons pomegranate oolong tea.

Served alongside our tea and coffee were a couple of crunchy chocolate sea salt cookies that were also sold on the premises. Though they were really good, I didn’t get a pack as I don’t trust myself around them =p


Lisa said...


zee said...

shall we go there next? :)

yixiao said...

Lisa - indeed!

Zee - yes please!

yixiao said...

By the way, zee, there are so many other places I wanna check out!