Wednesday, June 20

Weekend #24

Hands up if you had a great weekend. If I were an octopus, I would throw up all eight tentacles of mine. In fact, I think I bit off more than I could chew and woke up on Monday with a royal hangover.

On Saturday, I was wide-eyed awake at six-ish starving but with a brilliant idea.

Somewhere over the golden arches

Lies a promising start to a brand new day. 

I used to be a hotcakes kid as the smell of eggs made me gag. However, these days I'm a torchbearer for savory breakfasts and an Egg McMuffin seemed like a pretty good idea at seven in the morning.

Visits to the gynae have progressed to a weekly affair as I approached nine months. The bub grew more than 600g over the last couple of weeks (ganbette!). Methinks it is due to the double power combination of chili crabs and durian last weekend.

Weekly shot of omega-3. Decided to give the grilled salmon head a rest.

A spoonful of plump Japanese rice grains coated with sweet sauce and accompanied by the crisp-crunch of tempura batter. Delicious.

Baking classes with Sarah of Sarah's Loft. So fun! More on that to come.


Finally received Nadia and Hafiz's wedding invite. I'm pretty excited about checking out the relatively recently renovated Hotel Fort Canning.

Celebrated Father's Day at Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant with dim sum and (surprise!) steamboat.

More durians at the in-laws! These foul beasts knocked me out big time. Punchy, bitterbittersweet and custardy, this batch of 猫山王 durians were ridiculously irresistible. I probably had five seeds too many ---> hence the "royal" hangover. 

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