Monday, June 18

Sunday Pizza Luncheon

With KJ and Sandy in town, it was time to bang out the grill so that I would bug kw less how much the grill costs more than the baby stroller for an impromptu Sunday pizza luncheon.


My mum was kind enough to get a pack of Hoover Rojak (#01-06 Whampoa Drive Food Centre) for Sandy to try.  No wait, actually she hauled back 5 packs so that the hungry vultures would not deprive Sandy of arguably the best rojak in Singapore.   


On top of that, she also bought some handmade curry puffs from a store near Hoover Rojak. Not sure which exact store these are from but it probably wouldn't be too difficult to find them when you are at Whampoa Drive Food Centre.

They were gooood ... in a googly-eyed kind of way.

KJ and Sandy made a hugeass cobb salad with bacon and blue cheese, hence the "hugeass" reference. 

We (by "we," I do mean kw) used Jim Lahey's No Knead pizza dough recipe (found here). Initially, we were quite worried about getting the pizza base right but figured so-so homemade pizza base is a hundred times better than those store-bought. However, there was nothing "so-so" about the pizza bases we had that afternoon.

We intended to prep 2 pizzas - one with smoked salmon and arugula; the other with Johnsonville Hot Links, salami and broccoli rabe (a nod to the sopressatta we had at Tartine Bakery) - but in the end, we just loaded the pizzas according to our whim and fancy. 

Like crepes and pancakes, it was tricky to get the pizza base to grill properly but after a couple of trial runs, I think we (again by "we," I do mean kw) got it!

I'm glad we pulled off this pizza lunch despite such short notice. I've always loved pizza but tucking into homemade pizza is like bumping into your high school sweetheart and discovering that you have only grown fonder of each other.


My heart still beats for the salami and 3 cheese (mozzarella, parmesan and blue) pizza we had. Nothing like a batch of pizza porn to get us through Monday, yeah? 


Lisa said...

Your pizzas look delic!

yixiao said...

Thanks Lisa!