Saturday, April 21

Violet Beauregarde at Soup Spoon

Do you remember the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where bumblegum fiend Violet Beauregarde chews on a yet-to-be-successful three-course-meal experiment?

Soup Spoon’s Roasted Cauliflower, Fennel with Blue Cheese

Well, I had my Violet-Beauregarde experience at The Soup Spoon ( just a few days ago.

When I first took a sip, it felt like a thick, pureed soup with pleasing nibs of cauliflower peppered throughout; the punchy blue cheese makes its presence felt almost immediately and coupled with the creamy texture of the soup, I immediately thought of a blue cheese risotto; after a while, thanks to the herbs, I felt like I was dunked face-first into a bucket of baked escargots in garlic and herb butter.

I did kind of feel like a tub after ingesting all that cream and cheese but this soup is simply quite amazing.

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