Monday, April 23

28 weeks down, 12 to go

Last Saturday, I officially entered my third trimester. Whoa, that's fast?!?! Tell me about it... I can still remember the exact moment I thought I was pregnant, when I first hinted to kw (“I can't share the salmon belly sashimi with you”), and when we first broke the news to our parents and my dad's reaction (“you have got to be kidding”).

While it hasn't always been a stroll in the park, it has been interesting – in a good way, topped with salted caramel. I am bracing myself for tough third trimester as what most experts have forewarned with my new license… license to get cranky.

Despite my preference for savoury foods these days, 
I can never resist an ice-cream-accompanied sweet treat

We also found out at the last checkup that Baby S is er, not a girl. That shock took me a good 12 hours to digest. So all the cutesy poo dresses, frilly-frou socks and I-want-for-myself shoesies... Let's just say there is a lot at stake for kid #2 to be a girl. No pressure.  

In case of water retention

Things I will miss most about being pregnant:
1. The kindness of strangers: It took a while for people to realise but these days, 7 out of 10 times, people do offer their seats to me. The other 3 times? Maybe people think I’m just bloated.
2. Being less harsh on myself: I take things a lot more slowly these days but ironically, this doesn't mean my productivity level has gone down. Maybe I don’t have to be a kan cheong spider all the time… Hmm, food for thought.
3. Feeding the peck: Speaking of food, people seem to think it’s my birthright if I take the last piece of pizza or down more than my share of cake. Thank you for not judging.
4. Sleep: I have always been a light sleeper and never took naps but since being pregnant, I absolutely relish the thought of being able to fall asleep as soon as my body assumes a near 180 degree position.

Things I will NOT miss about being pregnant:
1. Being hot all the damn time
2. Feeling peckish all the damn time
3. Heartburn, I heart you not

12 weeks to go. Here's to a good week ahead!


sooks. said...

And it's a boy! Congrats and good luck with the final lap! And in odd way, I can imagine your dad's reaction! Lol.

Anonymous said...

maybe bb decided to toy with your feelings! ;P

Where is this yummy looking pecan tart from? NOM!

vvn said...

u r doing fine *pat pat*

no pressure for kid #2 yah? am looking forward to see cutesy shoes, lovely dresses and all those pritty accessories on your blog sometime in the future, ok? =p

Anonymous said...

1 thing I will not miss is random strangers coming up to pat the belly (some even tapped it and I was too shocked to react).

All the best! Anyday for me so can't wait :)


yixiao said...

sooks, and my dad recently went to confirm the gender (again) with dr ooi... haha!

anon, DOME cafe and it's pretty good =p

thanks vivien, hope your second one is treating you well too =)

tomi, the audacity of those people! maybe i have a semi-permanent scowl on my face, thus strangers dare not approach me.