Sunday, April 15

Sort-of-Babymoon Bintan - Part 4

For my mum's real birthday dinner, we took the lady to Baan Aarya (, a Thai fine dining restaurant which was a pebble's throw away from our villa. Prices are not crazy exorbitant but definitely not dibuat di Indonesia, yar?

It is a beautiful pavilion restaurant that overlooks the sea and if you are timely, the sunset. If you would like to get married or renew your vows in Bintan, this would be a really cool place to do so. Look, they have even prepared a brochure for you ---> Am I not the most helpful person with a hidden agenda today?

Baan Aarya has a small indoor seating area next to the bar counter and wine cellar. Trust me, you would feel and look absolutely gorgeous in your Temperly London wedding gown here.

Wines Uncle PG brought to celebrate the occasion.

Auntie Chiah Ming and the birthday girl, blossoming with joy

Among everything we ordered, I really enjoyed the Poh Piah Thod (deep fried spring rolls with chicken, prawn and vermicelli), Som Tam (green papaya salad), Pla Thod Yam Mamuang (fried fish with green mango salad) and Phad Khee Mao (stir-fried glass noodles with minced chicken and prawns). P.S. don’t bother with desserts.

On our last day in Bintan, we did something different and had lunch at Rin Restaurant, which specializes in kaiseki.

Two groups of Japanese tourists were just wrapping up lunch when we arrived and judging by the lack of crowd flow, Rin offers an ideal spot for a quiet lunch if you are tired of crowds and kids.

Like most restaurants in the resort, a meal at Rin comes with a view. Even those Japanese kids look like they belong to this postcard view.

Not in the mood for anything extravagant, I had the Crown Bento, which reminded me of the Singapore pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2011. The bento also comes with miso soup and dessert of the day, which was a refreshing pineapple sorbet.

The bento was a triple decker, consisting of 5 appetizers, a main dish of either prawn, chicken or fish katsu and ...

the cutest oginiri.

Looking forward to our next yet-to-be-planned resort vacation =)

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