Monday, April 16

PS it's been 6 months

Whoa, has it really been 6 months since we exchanged "I dos" and the guys showed off their flexibility with a series of yoga poses? Since it was our 6-month wedding anniversary, kw deserved a treat for putting up with me all this while we cashed in some PS Cafe vouchers and treated ourselves to Sunday brunch at Palais Renaissance.

It's been a while, stranger and you still look as dashing. 

From too-cool-for-your-Charles-and-Keiths to smooth-enough-to-charm-the-panties-off-any-lonely-tai-tai, much has been said about the service throughout the PS Cafe branches. Our pony-tailed server was really polite and service throughout the meal was darn efficient. I can’t help but emphasize that service was stunningly quick; I barely made it halfway through my magazine when our food arrived. Needles to say, it was a much welcomed relief after this incident at Wild Honey.

PS’s Brunch Burger is the mothership of all burgers. Don't believe me,? See below for evidence.

There was something about this burger that brings out Man’s caveman instincts. Next thing you know, he might try to start a fire.

This beauty makes no apologies for being decadent (chargrilled Wagyu and US chuck patty, medium rare), messy (fried egg), indulgent (crispy bacon, melted gruyere and mozzarella) and utterly frivolous (chunky onion ring).

For an addtional $5, you can swop steak fries for truffle fries. Is this absolutely necessary? No … but Sunday brunches just feel a tad more special with truffles.

After stealing a few bites of the burger, I re-focused my love on the Chicken in the Basket that was served with sweetish garlic ketchup and go-dunk-crazy-for lemongrass mayonnaise. These stodgy-looking chicken sticks might not look like much but the thin batter is crunchy without hurting your jaw, the chicken is tender (even the breast!) and there is voodoo in their seasoning.

How about a close up since you are so finger lickin’ good ?

For desserts, it was a toss up between the Chocolate Crunch Doorstop Cake and the Sticky Lemon and Chewy Florentine cake. Luckily I didn't have to make the (tough) call as kw’s need for chocolate outshone his desire to try something new.

Destroyed but not forgotten. 

And this quadruple-decker of maltesers, chocolate mousse, caramelized pecans and a dry brownie base (poor thing needed more love from the vanilla ice cream) successfully matched up to the decadence of our previous dishes.

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend too …

with a little sparkle just for keeps!

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