Friday, April 13

Sort-of-Babymoon Bintan - Part 3

Our days in Bintan would usually start off on a voracious note at the hotel’s Coffee Shop. There, you will find a respectable breakfast buffet consisting of your usual suspects (cereal, sodium-nitrate mystery meats, eggs station etc), Asian stalwats (nasi lemak and porriage) as well as things that made me go ‘hmm’ like bread and butter pudding.

It was pretty good though, haha!

But the one thing that made me go back for thirds and fourths was the beef bacon (yes, that's a slice of banana bread accompanying the bacon). Pudding and bacon for breakfast? Houston, we are on vacation.

After lunch on the second day, half the group went off for their golf game and the rest of us decided to venture out of our resort to nearby Banyan Tree. Well, it felt luxurious but there wasn’t much to see, do or buy, so we popped into Treehouse Restaurant to escape the scorching heat.

The best lychee iced tea I have ever had in my life. Not kidding.

Complimentary crackers to fuel our laziness

Could. Get. Used. To. This.

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