Tuesday, February 21

The birthday dinner at Bedrock Bar & Grill

It came as little surprise to anyone when my younger sister decided on Bedrock for her birthday dinner. Bedrock is probably no, definitely one of her favouritest restaurants and she would later let on that it was her 11th time (now, that's a lot of meat) there.

This year, Yang came with a plan - she was determined to strike her steak knife into the Tomahawk and proclaim it hers (warning: If you look – and better yet, taste - as good as this beefcake, she might make a move on you too).

The pre-carnivorous drill starts off innocently enough with some fresh-from-the-oven pita bread. The carbs are served alongside butter and roasted garlic clove that glide easily over the warm pillows. Now, these pitas might not be that innocent after all as the restaurant does re-fills if you ask nicely.

A surprisingly sweet tomato soup with a smokey flavour and fine purée texture.

Someone down the table, probably my elder sister, ordered the Panko Caesar. Salad's not my thing so moving on...

The Baked Camembert was a-muh-zing!

Initially we were a little apprehensive about approaching it.

Then, kw bravely stabbed the heart of the cheese and it yielded effortlessly, sizzling on the hot plate as we oohed and ashes in unison. It was fantastic oozy decadent experience that has to be shared by cheese nuts armed with crostinis and pitas.

In terms of carnivorous pursuits, we were here for one thing and one thing only – the TOMAHAWK! And all 1.8kg of it!

I last crossed paths with Tomahawk (yeap, we are on first name basis now) last October during kw’s birthday. It was just as awesome as I remembered – this says a lot considering how I have a goldfish memory. Freakkin’ class act.

My sister, the birthday girl's, Ronald MacDonald smile. She wanted to bring the bone home but we knocked some sense into her - without using the bone.

Joining our Tomahawk were some side dishes including a bucket full of deep-fried onion rings. Oh, those chunky rings with awesome crispy batter...

Truffled mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and rocket parmesan salad (not pictured)...

Of course, the 1.8kg Tomahawk was a helluva something to look forward to but we get all OCD for Bedrock’s mac n’ cheese. All that cheesy, creamy awesomeness topped with a ridiculously savoury crust …




Mum ordered the Chopped Steak Burger as she isn’t crazy about steak. Shock!? Horror!? Don’t worry, we are still one big happy family and there’s probably more to love after that much meat and cheese.

I think we have more or less tried all the more delicious-sounding items on Bedrock’s dessert men, except the crème brulee. Like a deadly frozen lake in the height of winter, the brittle torched sugar surface shatters easily to reveal a strong, creamy coffee-kahlua mélange. Love!

Fang and kh got a cake from The Icing Room - the Chantillea, a vanilla layered chiffon cake decked out in creme Chantilly and fresh fruits. Kinda old school meets Hello Kitty princess.

Did someone say "forever 21..."?

The birthday cat, I mean, girl tweeting about her birthday sweets.

Bedrock is one place that rarely lets us down when it comes to ambience, food and service. Now in the name of world peace, our standard family repertoire calls for ordering 2 portions of that mac & cheese.

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